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In business, effective communication is absolutely essential. In an environment increasingly dominated by the internet, SelfDestructing is the world leader in business email communication intelligence.

SelfDestructing offers a unique set of features to improve both the reliability and the certainty of corporate email. The ability to know when correspondence has been received and opened is an invaluable tool that can save you time and money.

What is a SelfDestructing Business Account?

Business accounts utilize the same tracking features provided with our premium subscriptions - but offer the option of managing all sub-accounts via one main administrator account. This means that you can pay for a group of accounts with just one transaction, and all users share the accumulated email credits. In essence, a business account is an easy way of managing a group of associated accounts.

Who can benefit from a Business Account?

Anyone requiring five or more separate accounts can set up a SelfDestructing Business Account. (Note that this relates to separate accounts, not different email addresses under the same account. See our FAQ: Adding other addresses to your account for using multiple addresses with the same account).

How much do Business Accounts cost?

Each associated account within your Business group will cost the same as a premium subscription (USD$36.00 each). The subscription fees can be transacted through the one master account, and all your accounts will share in the accumulated email credits. If you need to increase your email limit, you may do so from the limit increase section on our subscribe page

What other advantages are there in having a Business Account?

Reporting Options:   Business accounts offer the same reporting options available to our premium subscribers. You can choose to receive your ReadNotifications via email; check the status of them from your Personal Tracking Page (when you log in); and / or download a spreadsheet of your tracking history. These options are available to you from "My Account" in Member Utilities. We can help you set this up depending on what best suits your needs.

Sending Options:   Each user may install our optional ActiveTracker plugin to send their tracked emails, or you may choose to use our service Manually - it's up to you.

Flexibility:   You are welcome to change the email addresses associated with your group at any time. Your users are also welcome to have more than one email address linked to their individual account. You can manage this all through your "My Account" page (under Member Utilities) on each individual account.

Tax Invoices:   In addition to the receipts you automatically receive for your subscription payments, our Business customers may also receive a separate tax invoice at the end of their financial year should they require one. Simply write to us at the time and we'll send one to you.

Priority Support:   Our Business customers receive priority technical support.

How do I set up a SelfDestructing Business Account?

First, ensure that all users are *registered. This can be an old or current subscription or a Free trial. The reason we need you to do this is so that your users can choose a password etc. If applicable we can pro-rate any current subscription fees already paid and calculate the difference for you.

* Note: If you will have more than 10 sub-accounts linked to your business account, we can arrange to register the addresses for you.

Once all your users are registered simply write to us at: and let us know:

  1. Which email address is going to be your main administrator address
  2. Which email addresses are going to be the sub-accounts
  3. If you require assistance setting up any reporting options.
We'll then set your Business account up for you based on your needs and let you know how to proceed.

If you have any questions regarding SelfDestructing's Business accounts, simply write to us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.